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For those who don't know me yet, I was the Creator and Shaper of the French brand of longboards Blackkross until 2010... longboard shaper since 2004 and professional shaper since 2006, I therefore use my knowledge and my experience to launch my new brand SEVEN SUNS in 2010!


Why the name "Seven Suns"?

The name Seven Suns was born in a positive spirit as much as possible in every way!

In a multitude of fields (Astrology, sciences, religions, philosophy) 7 is a magical, positive, powerful number...

It's the same for the sun, it's an ultra positive symbol! Warm, bright, vital...



Manufacturing high end custom made boards as efficient and ecological as possible! All this without compromising quality!

SEVEN SUNS is a high-end and eco-responsible brand.

The goal is to manufacture the most efficient boards on the market, solid, with beautiful finishes, without falling into excess. Seven Suns boards are above all, made to be used daily and withstand mistreatment. Beautiful boards that last longer!

The icing on the cake: each board is signed and numbered.



The goal is achieved through the use of bamboo, birch, ash or maple, multiaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber. All firmly bonded with epoxy resin and hydraulically pressed to form strong and very reactive cores!

Depending on the board, there are around ten different layers, perfectly glued together, thanks to a hydraulic press exerting very strong pressure...

Once out of the press, the board takes its shape and keeps it longer. But above all, no constraint is exerted on it before you step on it.

The result: We obtain an astonishing flex, very healthy and very responsive!



> Ash

For your information, it is with ash that tools such as hammers or pickaxes handles are made... Its solidity and capacity to absorb shocks therefore no longer needs to be demonstrated! Ash is also widely used in the construction of high-end skis and snowboards for its pop and strength…


> Bamboo

It greatly contributes to the energy of the flex. It is a very flexible and resistant wood and relatively light. In addition, it is the main visual element of my boards!


> Fiberglass and carbon fibers

These triaxial fibers reinforce the board, contribute to the energetic flex and limit torsion. This allows me to adapt the boards to the weight of the riders... The carbon fiber reinforcements stiffen the board but above all give it more responsiveness and energy.


To resume, all this forms a real solid and explosive cocktail!

Once cut, the boards are carefully sanded and given several coats of varnish to protect them from humidity and give them a beautiful finish!



I always try to do my best to limit damage and pollute as little as possible at all levels of manufacturing.


> Woods

The ash comes mainly from France, which limits the carbon footprint in terms of transport. In case it is not available in the country it comes from Europe.

Bamboo comes from further away, mainly China but it is a renewable resource that requires less energy and less time to grow... Its ecological side is well known!


> Pressing

Unlike my former activity (vacuum pressing) which generates a large number of plastic waste (vacuum tarpaulins, 2 tear-off fabrics per board and 2 drainage fabrics per board) hydraulic pressing does not require any of this so there is no plastic waste.


> Varnish

For the moment, I am using a varnish with a low VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are generally the polluting elements in a varnish... I am in the process of applying a 100% natural varnish based on vegetable resins and thinner based citrus fruit which should completely replace the current varnish without losing quality… To be continued…


That’s it for the explanations!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Ride Seven Suns And Get The Smile!!

Positive Energy Longboards!